Discover the Hooga Red Light Therapy Device

The Hooga Red Light Therapy Device HGPRO4500, is a state-of-the-art, full-body panel engineered to offer therapeutic benefits via red and near-infrared light. Featuring 900 dual chip, flicker-free LEDs, this clinical-grade device aims to boost energy, relieve pain, enhance skin health, improve recovery, and optimize overall performance.

First Impressions

Right from the start, the Hooga HGPRO4500 impresses with its durable build and advanced technology. The promise of a full-body therapeutic experience at home is intriguing and positions this device as a valuable addition to any health and wellness routine.

Evaluating the Device

Positive Aspects

Powerful LEDs

The HGPRO4500 is equipped with 900 high-powered, dual chip LEDs that emit red and near-infrared light at clinically proven wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm. This ensures deep penetration and maximum therapeutic benefits.

Flicker-Free Comfort

The flicker-free design enhances user comfort and safety, making sessions more pleasant and reducing the risk of eye strain or headaches.

Comprehensive Coverage

The large panel size provides extensive coverage, allowing for efficient treatment of large body areas in one session, ideal for users seeking full-body therapy.

Areas for Improvement

Size and Portability

Weighing 10.66 kilograms and with a maximum height of 3 inches, the device is somewhat bulky, which could be challenging for users with limited space or those needing a more portable solution.


Although the quality and features justify the cost, the high price point may be prohibitive for some potential users. Offering financing options does help mitigate this issue somewhat.

Quick Verdict

General Opinion

The Hooga HGPRO4500 stands out as a top-tier red light therapy device, offering significant therapeutic benefits with high-powered, flicker-free LEDs and full-body coverage. It is particularly well-suited for individuals serious about integrating light therapy into their wellness routine.


We highly recommend the Hooga HGPRO4500 for those seeking a premium, clinical-grade light therapy solution that delivers proven benefits in energy enhancement, pain relief, skin health, and overall performance improvement.

Purchase Link

Visit the Hooga Store to purchase the Hooga HGPRO4500.

Detailed Features

Proven Wavelengths

The device uses red and near-infrared light at 660nm and 850nm wavelengths, which are scientifically validated to support skin health, improve blood circulation, and enhance muscle recovery.

High Irradiance

The HGPRO4500 delivers an impressive irradiance of 192mW/cm2 at 3 inches, ensuring users receive a potent and efficient dose of therapeutic light during each session.

Modular Design and Cooling System

The modular design allows for easy integration with stands, and the built-in cooling fans ensure the device remains at an optimal temperature during use, enhancing durability and user safety.

Practical Tips

  • Use the device consistently for best results, aiming for 10-20 minute sessions several times a week.
  • Position the panel at a distance of 3-6 inches from the body for optimal irradiance and effectiveness.
  • Utilize the included eye protection to safeguard against light exposure during sessions.

Our Review

Overall Score: 9/10

Detailed Experience

The Hooga HGPRO4500 excels in delivering on its promises of improved energy, pain relief, and enhanced recovery. The powerful LEDs and high irradiance provide a noticeable therapeutic effect after just a few sessions.

Comfort and Usability

Despite its size, the device is relatively easy to set up and use. The flicker-free LEDs and cooling system contribute to a comfortable and safe user experience.

Additional Thoughts

Customer service from Hooga Health is commendable, with responsive support and a generous three-year warranty. This adds significant value to the purchase, ensuring long-term satisfaction.

Ideal Combination

Complementary Product

Pair the Hooga HGPRO4500 with a comfortable, adjustable stand for optimal positioning and ease of use.


This combination allows users to easily adjust the height and angle of the device, maximizing comfort and ensuring effective treatment sessions.

Other Options to Consider

Alternative 1: Joovv Solo 3.0

Offers similar wavelengths and irradiance but in a more compact design.

Alternative 2: RedRush 720

A budget-friendly option with decent power and coverage, suitable for new users.

Alternative 3: PlatinumLED BIO Series

Known for high irradiance and modular capabilities, ideal for users wanting customizable setups.

Alternative 4: MitoRed MitoMEGA

Provides a good balance of power, size, and cost, with an emphasis on user-friendly design.

Alternative 5: LightStim for Pain

Specifically designed for pain relief with a focus on targeted treatment areas.

Final Thoughts


The Hooga HGPRO4500 is a stellar device for those seeking a high-quality, reliable, and effective red light therapy solution. Its powerful LEDs, comprehensive coverage, and robust build make it a standout product in the market.


For serious users committed to improving their health and wellness through light therapy, the Hooga HGPRO4500 is an excellent investment. Its benefits far outweigh the initial cost, especially with the backing of a strong customer service team and a generous warranty.

Explore Alternatives

If the HGPRO4500 does not meet your specific needs or budget, consider the alternatives mentioned, each offering unique features and benefits to suit different preferences and requirements.

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